1. How to complete the order form - order a courier?

Complete the 'Send Parcel' form and follow the guidelines contained in the form. Use capital letters.

2. Where can I check whether an address in the UK is correct?

Please verify all address data on the website:

3. What is the transport time?

Delivery times depend on a given country. They range from 2 to 5 working days. Time is counted from the moment of collecting the parcel from the sender, and not from the moment of placing an order. E.g. export – import – Germany, Netherlands – 3 working days; export – import – Italy, UK – 4 working days. Please remember that the delivery time is not guaranteed.

4. In what time frame does the courier arrive?

We collect and deliver parcels only on working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. There is no possibility to arrange a concrete delivery time with the courier.

5. Can I dispatch parcels from a different place than where I live?

We know it is sometimes difficult to be at home when the courier arrives: we go to work, go shopping, go away, etc. Therefore, you can leave your parcel with your friends, at reception desk at work, at a trusted store or service point. However, please remember to put the actual reception address in the order form ('Send Parcel' form). Always remember to inform the person who you entrust with your parcel about the arrival of the courier.

6. Can I dispatch hand luggage, travel bag or suitcase?

Of course; just remember to properly package and secure such items. Also, you are not allowed to exceed the required parameters: see the tab 'Packaging Rules.'

7. What not to dispatch?

• flammables, explosives, radioactive material, corrosives, malodorous substances, weapons and ammunition • drugs, medicines and psychotropic drugs save for items sent for scientific or medical purposes • living plants and animals • works of art, antiques, gemstones and precious metals • currency, securities, certificates • parcels which could soil or otherwise damage other parcels • food which can go bad • alcohol, tobacco

8. How long will I wait for the courier after making the payment?

• Orders placed by 10 am on a working day will be executed on the subsequent working day. Placing an order after 10 am extends the parcel collection time by one working day. Orders are executed after the crediting of the payment on the bank account of oBox.

9. When should the payment for the parcel be made?

• Payments should be made directly at the time of placing an order. It is the only payment for the service which needs to be settled. When couriers arrive to collect the parcel, they do not collect any payments.

10. How to pay for the service?

• You can pay for the service through Dotpay (an on-line payment platform).

11. Is the specified service price final?

Yes, we do not charge any additional fees.

12. What will happen if the payment for service is not credited to the bank account of oBox?

If there is no confirmation of the payment for the service on oBox account, the order is not executed.

13. Can I cancel an order for a courier?

Yes, you can cancel your order; however, if the payment has already been made and, due to various reasons, you wish to resign from the service, the amount returned to you will be reduced by a handling fee of GBP 3, EUR 5, or PLN 20.

14. What if the courier has not come to collect the parcel?

In such a case, please immediately contact oBox office. We will make every effort to execute the collection as soon as possible, we will order a courier to come and collect the parcel on the next work day.

15. And what if the courier has arrived to deliver a parcel but I was not at home?

If the courier arrived with a parcel to deliver and the recipient was not at home, there will be a second attempt to deliver the parcel. In case of an ineffective delivery, the parcel will be ready to collect at the nearest DPD branch. You will need to, however, inform us at obox@obox.pl.

16. Do you want to know where your parcel is at a given moment?

• After collecting your parcel, the courier will leave a note with parcel number. Enter the parcel number in the 'locate parcel' window to see where the parcel is at the moment. Should you happen to be unable to provide such unique number, contact oBox by e-mail and we will help you out.

17. What if the recipient refuses to accept the parcel?

• Then, the parcel is returned to the sender at the cost of the Orderer.

18. What if I receive a damaged parcel?

In case an import parcel (from abroad to Poland) bears visible external damage, it shall be necessary to draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier during the receipt of the parcel. It is necessary for starting the complaint process. The damage report drawn up after the courier has left shall not ensure that the complaint be deemed justified. In case of an export parcel (from Poland abroad), couriers do not draw up damage reports. Upon visible external damage, the courier must tick the 'damaged' option in documents confirming the delivery of a parcel. Such a record is necessary for starting the complaint process.

19. Is my parcel insured?

Each parcel is insured up to the amount of PLN 1000 (DPD Polska standard insurance). As regards further complaint steps, contact us at: obox@obox.pl, we are there for you.

20. Does oBox issue VAT invoices?

Yes, invoices are sent only by e-mail.
GBP - 26 £
EUR - 30
PLN - 130